De Favorieten van…Frankie Cosmos

Greta Kline, de persoon achter de artiest Frankie Cosmos, spendeerde haar vrije tijd al vanaf jonge leeftijd in clubs en cafés, omdat ze de New Yorkse underground scene meer dan fascinerend vond. Dit inspireerde haar om tientallen zelfstandig opgenomen albums vol melodische anti-folk uit te brengen, met als hoogtepunt het dit jaar verschenen Next Thing. De meeste inspiratie haalt Greta natuurlijk uit de muziek die op haar pad komt. Wij vroegen Greta welke nummers ze het liefst luistert en waarom. Een kijkje in Frankie’s Cosmos…

The Jackson 5 – Who’s Loving You

“One of my favorite songs because the vocals are just so amazing to me. They go all over the place, and are really emotional, and the melodies are just awesome.”

Of Montreal – I Was Watching Your Eyes

“This song really perfectly captures a feeling of dissatisfaction and longing. The lyrics seem to be about wanting to make a song that feels so good to sing, because at a certain point, it’s the only thing that starts to matter in your life.”

Arthur Russell – Your Motion Says

“For me, Your Motion Says is one of the catchiest Arthur Russell songs. I get it stuck in my head all the time. There are just a lot of really great sections, the production is so good, and the chorus seems so simple but is so perfect.”

Angel Olsen – The Waiting

“One of those songs that feels like it was written for you, though you can never be fully sure that you know what it’s about. It can be applied to whatever the listener wants. This song was an instant classic for me.”

Kero Kero Bonito – Flamingo

“Flamingo is just a super inspiring pump-up song for me. It’s fun and silly, but also has a really good message- be yourself and don’t worry about fitting in!”

Outkast – Hey Ya!

“My number one jam, ever! The most perfectly produced sounds, I could cry just talking about it.”

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