Inside/out: Carlotta Zanzottera

Carlotta Zanzottera is an anthropology student and works behind the bar in EKKO.

“I was completely alone when I came to Utrecht. My only friend here said to me: if you want to meet some new people, you should to come to EKKO with me. So I applied for a job behind the bar and I’m currently combining my study anthropology with volunteering here. Before I started, I had never worked behind a bar. I was like: I’m so lost! What is this drink, a BACO? But the people at EKKO are great to me. Now, I’m at the point where I can take orders in Dutch, because I start to understand it. Sometimes I listen to people talking Dutch, start thinking in Italian and respond to my colleagues in English. In front of the ‘kassa’ I often go ‘uno, due, tre…’ At the end of the evening, I don’t even know which language I’m speaking.”


In deze rubriek halen we het binnenste van EKKO naar buiten. Vrijwilligers vertellen hoe het is om achter de schermen te werken bij hun poppodium.

Geschreven door Namen-Uitgeverij-8

Foto’s door Jikke